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    Heat gasket material determine the life of the phe plate heat exchanger.Plate heat exchanger plates are generally not damage for most of plate type cooler.and the heat exchanger gasket material is easy to aging and case leaking.So the quality of the rubber gasket determines the service life of fixed plate heat exchanger.
    Gasket for plate heat exchanger is attached to the heat exchange plate,and it allocates the flow of fluid. It seals up the fluid so that it does not leak to the outside.

    The material of the gasket is determined according to the amount of fluid, physical properties of fluid, the pressure drop, and thermal condition.
    EPDM gaskets have a resistance to water, steam, salt solutions, acids and alkalies.NBR gaskets are are ideal for water-to-water applications in non-process related duties such as heat recovery and potable water applications
    Equipment TypeAlfa laval plate type heat exchanger
    ModelAlfa Laval M6 Replacement
    Gasket TypeClip On
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