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    Flame retardant synergist, radical initiator
    High-energy plastic initiator, grafting agent and flame retardant additive.
    Basic info:
    CAS No.: 25822-43-9
    Other Names: Poly(1,4-diisopropyl benzene)
    Appearance: powder
    Description: white powder
    useage: intermediates

    Packing and shipping:
    Poly(1,4-diisopropyl benzene) powder could be delivered by courier, air or by sea.
    For 1~10 kg, we recommend to ship it by courier, which is much faster and more convenient.
    For more than 100kg, the goods could be shipped by air or by sea, and it is up to you. But we will provide perfect solutions for your reference.
    Our equipments
    1. What about your prices?
    Kinds of die casting machines and equipment and skilled engineers will keep our prices very competitive without compromising the part`s quality. Welcome your comparisons our prices with any other sources.
    2. What is the delivery date?
    For bulk order, it will take 10~30days that is subject to your quantity.
    3. Do you have the minimum order requirements?
    No, we don’t.low price Synergistic flame retardant effects